Potter Hall in the Future
The Missouri General Assembly appropriated $150,000 for architectural services for the Potter Hall project with the stipulation that Missouri Western match the funding, and that funding came from the Centennial Capital Campaign. The money was used to hire Patterhn Ives architectural firm in December 2016 to provide planning and design services and a vision for the future of Potter Hall.

The architects have proposed two additions to Potter Hall: one dedicated to performing arts and one to the visual arts. The performing arts addition would house a 3,000 square-foot instrumental rehearsal studio and an 80-seat flexible theater. The Drew H. Brown Arts Annex would house sculpture and ceramics studios. The plans also include three courtyards – the Fine Arts Entry Courtyard, the Campus Courtyard and the Sculpture Courtyard. A glass-enclosed Entry Gallery that links the existing building to the new addition will feature additional space for displays and collections.

Renovation of existing spaces will include:

  1. Choral Hall and Cinema Classroom – The construction of an instrumental rehearsal hall will allow the current spaces to be re-purposed as a choral hall and a cinema screening classroom.
  2. Art Gallery and Student Lounge  – The work of students, faculty and visiting artists will be displayed in a secure exhibition gallery to be located in the center of the building. The student learning lounge will be a new space dedicated to academic development and peer interaction. Students from all fine arts departments and disciplines can access computers and learn in a relaxed, comfortable  environment.
  3. Second Floor – The second floor will include renovated studios for Digital Animation, Printmaking and Painting. Additional updates will allow for a classroom and more faculty offices.

Potter Hall and Workforce Development
The arts programs at Missouri Western, all housed in Potter Hall, are a vital asset that greatly contributes to the culture and quality of life in St. Joseph and the region. Making sure that we have the most up-to-date facilities, equipment and instruments so that our students receive an outstanding education is critically important to our mission.

When our students graduate, they are career-ready because Missouri Western is committed to workforce development in our region. Students who major in the arts programs become educators, entrepreneurs, videographers and graphic designers, and hold positions in a number of diverse careers.

Missouri Western students in all academic departments take classes in the School of Fine Arts as part of their general studies requirements, so improving Potter Hall benefits the entire campus. The University is committed to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) workforce development in all its academic programs.

Please consider supporting our vision for Potter Hall and our exceptional School of Fine Arts by becoming a part of the Centennial Capital Campaign.

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First Floor Diagram

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Second Floor Diagram

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