Craig School of Business

Rebekah Jones

As a nontraditional student, Rebekah Jones said it was pretty intimidating to think about going back to college, but it didn’t take very long before she felt comfortable at Missouri Western. Within a few days, she says, she had met many students and was enjoying her classes.

“At Missouri Western, everyone is caring and considerate,” she said. “Faculty and staff encouraged me and helped me reach my goals.”

Two months before graduation, Rebekah, an accounting major, was hired full-time at a local CPA firm, and she credits her college courses and two internships for that accomplishment.

As a nontraditional student, Rebekah balanced family life, school and three part-time jobs.

“I learned at Missouri Western that with hard work, dedication and a desire to learn, everything truly is possible,” she says. “You just have to take that first step, and Missouri Western will help you.”

Nontraditional Student Opportunities
at Missouri Western