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Thank you for this! I think it’s an ingenious opportunity… We are offering it to all of our teammates (with online capabilities) and with encouragement to share! I personally started doing the “Creativity in Teams” course; —  In the short time I spent – into step 7 so far – I am finding the information very relevant, concisely delivered, and I can see it to be potentially very beneficial and serving. It also provides an opportunity to easily “learn something new” every day – which I believe is fundamental to one’s feeling of well being…  and overall happiness! And is something we are preaching to everyone to keep doing!  (ie. in line with the Kaizen methodology). Thanks for putting this together and making it so easily available!!  YOU are making a HUGE difference in our community! www.teamperka.com

Martial L. Thevenot, Perka Buildings & Veritas Systems Construction

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. The information was broken down in ways that I could easily understand. I know that this course will be helpful in obtaining future grants. 

Ann Irvin , Sparkle Peach

Very informational, great participants to work with. I personally like the PSY analysis (why people do what they do) & reading body language.

Andrew Love, Commerce Financial Advisors