Marketing majors develop the conceptual background and practical skills necessary to pursue careers in retailing, sales management, marketing research, advertising and promotion, consumer-product marketing and industrial marketing. Likewise, you’ll also garner skills that are proven effective in a number of other business-related fields.

Careers in Marketing

In the marketing business, you will determine the wants and needs of your customer and provide products and services that meet those needs. This takes research, development and personal relations on top of extensive knowledge about product development, sales, creativity and marketing communications. You have chosen a lucrative career that will continue to be an essential need for every business and organization. Here are some examples of careers that are possible with a marketing degree.

Brand Manager
Your job as a brand manager requires you to ensure your business’s brand has a positive reputation. To do this, you are in charge of advertising plans and marketing strategies. You also oversee all promotion and implement all aspects of branding.

Market Research Analyst
As a market research analyst, you investigate what drives consumer behavior in your specific market and provide this information to companies interested in selling their products in that market. You perform surveys, research market trends, and provide data analysis using statistical software.

Students brainstorming marketing ideas

Mapping your degree plan is important. Consult with your academic advisor to create a plan and monitor it regularly.