A student intern at American Family Insurance learns to assess auto damageHave you dreamed of studying abroad or interning for a company you admire? Are you a student ready to learn all you can about the career opportunities that await you after graduation? Are you wondering about all of the ways you can get involved and meet more people through student organizations? If any one of these questions resonates with you, opportunities are awaiting you at the Craig School of Business.

We’ll help you determine the right course for your post-secondary education that aligns perfectly with your goals in life. Once you’re on track with your chosen field of study, our Applied Learning environment provides for internships, studying abroad, getting involved with various organizations and so much more. While exploring these options, you’ll also be earning credit hours toward your graduation. Opportunities are knocking – don’t let them pass you by.

Applied Business Ownership

If you have the passion and drive to own your own business, this unique course is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Missouri Western’s unique partnership with Steven L. Craig, CEO of Craig Realty Group, and various franchisors has enabled us to create opportunities for our students and alumni to own a franchise.

The semester-long, applied learning course provides the chance for graduating students and alumni to dive deep into the skills and strategies required to own their own business. While the course fulfills a graduating student’s applied learning requirement, it also allows them to compete for ownership of a franchise. At the completion of the course, students may present their business plan, from the applied business ownership course, to a panel of judges. The panel determines if the student will be awarded a franchise opportunity. The program has franchise opportunities with Auntie Anne’s, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Which Wich Superior Sandwiches, Flip Flop Shops and more. Since its inception in 2009, graduates of the course have opened more than 30 stores across the country.



The Craig School of Business takes the extra step to prepare students for careers in business with on-the-job internships. More than 75 percent of students complete internships, better preparing them for a future in business, while also lending value for their selected employers.

Students earning degrees from a world class business school should receive strong training in communication, critical thinking and data analysis skills that help prepare them for careers with the most demanding employers. What separates the internationally accredited Craig School of Business from other quality programs is the internship experience, an essential part of the university’s Applied Learning component. Before graduating, every Craig School of Business major embarks on a hands-on experience which adds to our graduates’ skill set.

For more information contact:
Jessica Frogge
CSB Internship Coordinator

Internships through the Craig School of Business provide our students with the opportunity to learn about the business world firsthand, develop their business skills, and gain experience that employers seek when hiring recent college graduates. The National Association of Colleges and Employers reports that employers place a high value on skills gained through actual job location experience. Our community sponsor organizations contribute extensive professional and life-based expertise and experience to the student interns.

Students have served as accounting assistants, assistant managers in retail stores, assistant loan officers, salespersons, marketing analysts, human resources assistants, claims processors, customer service assistants and much more.

Student interns are expected to:

  • Protect confidential company information
  • Establish and follow a work schedule approved by the sponsoring company
  • Submit Learning Objectives for approval by the CSB Internship Coordinator
  • Work at least 45 hours for every hour of credit earned (3 or 6 credit hours)
  • Adhere to the requirements of the intern contract
  • Participate in the onsite visit or conference call with the faculty supervisor and company supervisor
  • Do their very best for the company sponsoring their internship
  • Agree to discuss or present information about their internship experience with other students, faculty, staff, and community members
  • Participate in scheduled recognition ceremonies
  • Represent their employer, MWSU, the CSB, and themselves in a professional manner

Global Viewpoint

Students take a selfie as they study abroad

Exploring the World

The Craig School of Business offers you the opportunity to explore the business and culture of a foreign country through the Global Viewpoint course, where you can experience a semester-long study of a country in a two- to three-week visit there. In the past, students have traveled to Germany, England, Finland, Sweden, Poland, New Zealand, Ecuador and Turkey.

Previous Global Viewpoint programs included a course about New Zealand. Students in the program studied on campus during the spring semester and then traveled to New Zealand for two weeks where they attended seminars at companies and universities throughout the country. Students not only met with New Zealand professionals and university staff, but also worked with students both from New Zealand and other American students from other universities. They worked together on presentations and classroom projects.

The Global Viewpoint program is designed to give students an understanding of global trade issues, American culture and how it is perceived by other countries and the global impact of different business industries in countries besides America. They also learn the skills needed in a global business career that will enable them to navigate challenges that arrive in global marketing and interaction. Exploring your interest in cross-cultural business ventures in a first-hand experience will prove to be a priceless experience in your career.