By: Autumn West

Homecoming week is a busy week for everyone, but it is especially busy for the homecoming court
nominees and Greek life.

For some students, running for homecoming court is a childhood dream, but for Malik Bryant running for court was more of a social statement. Bryant hopes that him not being apart of Greek like will influence more people who aren’t apart of Greek life to run.

“A lot of homecoming is Greek dominated, so it was cool to be able to represent more of the student body who isn’t Greek,” said Bryant.

To Annie Allgaier homecoming is more about how involved you are on campus and being more involved on
campus made the experience so much better. Annie is apart of Greek life, she has been an RA and a DA and does Griffon Edge, as well as many other things on campus.

“I thought the whole court was amazing with the people that were on it, because they were so involved on
campus, which I think is the coolest part of being on court, like, what it means to be a Griffon and active students on campus,” said Allgaier.

For Crystal Enciso being nominated for homecoming court was never a lifelong dream, in fact, she never really thought about it. During high school she thought it may have been cool to be a part of it while it was happening but it was never something she was set on.

“The fact that I’ve never been on homecoming court or prom court in high school doesn’t mean that I couldn’t have done it here at Missouri Western. This means that you can be your own person, you can be a different person once you come to college,” said Enciso.

Homecoming means different things for different people, but each person who is a part of homecoming loves it.