By: Chris Watson

I think that studying abroad is an invaluable experience. It allows you to not only experience a different culture, but to see and understand the commonalities between cultures.

We tend to think of other areas and cultures of the world as being radically different from our own, but
truthfully, that is far from the case. While there are certainly many aspects of each country that are unique,
we often share a surprising amount of common ground.

We went to Belize over spring break in 2018. We spent the first half of the trip inland, near San Ignacio,
and the second on the island of San Pedro.

It’s very difficult to narrow down just one moment, since frankly every single day of the trip was filled with incredible experiences. If I had to pick just one moment, however, it would probably be when we went on a nature walk around Clarissa Falls near San Ignacio. We were able to see so many unique species of flora and fauna, including a spiny-tailed iguana that I was able to catch and teach the group about.