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Criteria for preferential admission

  • Submit completed Application for Admission for the University of Nebraska at Omaha Athletic Training Program on or before Jan. 15.
  • Be on track to receive their degree in Physical Education from Missouri Western State University prior to enrollment for the subsequent summer semester in the UNO ATP program.
  • Complete all prerequisite coursework and receive a letter grade of “C” or better in the following areas:
    • BIO 101 Principles of Biology
    • BIO 250 Anatomy and Physiology
    • PED 303 Kinesiology
    • PED 304 Physiology of Exercise
    • PED 352 Fitness and Sports Nutrition
    • PSY 101 Intro to Psychology
    • PHY 110 College Physics I or PHY 107 Intro to Physics
    • CHE 111 General Chemistry I or CHE 101 Introductory Chemistry
  • Maintain a minimum 3.33 cumulative and prerequisite coursework GPA at the time of application and enrollment in the UNO ATP.
  • Complete 25 observation hours in a clinical setting at Missouri Western State University under a Certified Athletic Trainer.
  • Submit two letters of recommendation, one of which must come from a Missouri Western State University athletic training staff member.
  • Complete all application materials required by the ATP and Graduate Studies at UNO.
  • Successfully complete an interview with the UNO Athletic Training Program Graduate Selection Committee.

The terms of the agreement remain in force unless changed in writing by mutual agreement of both institutions. Either institution may withdraw from this Memorandum of Agreement upon six (6) months written notice, with acknowledgment that the terms of this Memorandum of Agreement shall apply to all Missouri Western State University students who, by October 1 of the year prior to summer admission before the agreement lapses, have sent a letter of intent to apply to the UNO ATP director. The agreement will be reviewed annually and amended as necessary.

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