The College of Science and Health is committed to fostering academic excellence through undergraduate and graduate studies in a broad range of areas.


The Missouri Western State University College of Science and Health prepares future leaders for careers within health and wellness, technology, and scientific fields that will serve our regional community and beyond. As part of Missouri’s open-access applied learning university we are committed to ensuring that all students are able to become successful, competent, and confident professionals.


The Missouri Western State University College of Science and Health will be a recognized leader in preparing the next generation of science, technology, health, and wellness professionals by

  • Delivering science and healthcare programs designed to meet current and emerging regional and national needs.
  • Engaging every student in at least one applied learning experience in their field of study prior to graduation.
  • Providing a learning environment that is welcoming and supportive for every student.
  • Empowering students to explore and achieve their professional and career goals.
  • Developing students as leaders.
  • Supporting a faculty of inspiring, effective and innovative teacher-scholars.
  • Providing faculty with the resources to produce impactful scholarship and become leaders in their field.
  • Encouraging faculty to share their knowledge, talents, and time with the local and global community.
Dr. Crystal Harris

Dr. Michael Ducey, Interim Dean
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Regina Young

Regina Young
Administrative Coordinator
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