Metropolitan Community College and Missouri Western State University have teamed together to provide a seamless teacher education curriculum located in Kansas City’s Northland. Attend Metropolitan Community College and earn an associate degree with an emphasis in teacher education (AAT) in two years. Transfer to Missouri Western State University and earn a bachelor’s degree in as little as two years.

Both sponsors of this program are accredited State of Missouri supported institutions of higher education. This means that you will be earning two of the most highly respected, well-known, and affordable degrees available.

Students from other community colleges are welcome to attend this program! Missouri Western offers in-state tuition to students from neighboring states through the Griffon Rate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The degree you will earn is a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a concentration in social science. It is possible to attain a different concentration by taking courses online, at Metropolitan Community College, or Missouri Western’s St. Joseph campus. To see a complete list of concentrations, please click here. Please speak to the Northland advisor to plan your desired concentration.

The Elementary Education degree (along with acceptable background checks and successful passing of required state certification exams) will certify you to teach grades 1 through 6.

Placement for school experiences will be coordinated by Missouri Western Education Department faculty. Faculty will meet with you at the Kansas City Northland location and will place prospective teachers in schools in the Northland area.

Yes! This is a drop in-drop out program. You may take as many or as few courses as you wish. For example, you may wish to participate in campus life for part of the week and take classes at Missouri Western campus while taking other classes at the Kansas City Northland location.

You may be actively enrolled in another institution’s program and still take a class at Missouri Western’s Northland site because of convenience or because it resolves a schedule conflict at your home institution. Just be sure the course will be accepted as a transfer course by your college or university. That should not be a problem since Missouri Western’s reputation is solid and our courses are readily accepted at most or all institutions.

Most classes at the Kansas City Northland location will be taught by the same full-time faculty who teach at Missouri Western’s St. Joseph campus. We will, from time to time, fill in with qualified and experienced part-time faculty the same way we do on our main campus.

Textbook lists are provided to you. You may purchase books at the Barnes and Noble bookstore on our St. Joseph campus, order them online, or via other preferred means. All St. Joseph campus resources are available to students at the Northland location, including student services and distance library access.

Contact the Missouri Western at (816) 271-4100 for registration details. To apply to Missouri Western, go to

Due to the complexities of financial aid and the need for an expert financial aid advisor to help you with the process, all financial aid transactions must be conducted through the St. Joseph campus.

In the past, most MCC transfer students have transferred courses they completed at a MCC institution as per our articulation agreement with MCC. Missouri Western’s transfer course agreement is the most generous of any receiving institution that MCC works with. Since our Northland offering of courses is in no way in competition with MCC, we expect transfer students to the Northland site to have completed all of the acceptable courses at an MCC site; none of the acceptable transfer courses will be offered at Missouri Western’s Northland site.