Missouri Western State University has discontinued participation in the Perkins Loan Program. As a result, all accounts have been assigned to the Department of Education. What does this mean to me? All communication, payments, account status and granted provisions, set forth in your promissory note(s), have been transferred to the Department of Ed/ECSI Federal Perkins Servicer.

Managing Your Perkins Loan Online
http://www.efpls.com – Federal Perkins Student Loan Managing online site for account review, address changes, benefits, deferments qualification, forms plus other Perkins information.  Information you will need to provide to ECSI:

  • School Code for MWSU: 00249000
  • Your Social Security Number
  • PIN assigned to you by ECSI.  If you do not have this, contact ECSI at (866) 313-3797.

Service Cancellations
Upon making a properly documented written request to MWSU, you will be entitled to have up to 100 percent of the original principal loan amount canceled if you perform qualifying service in the following areas: Teaching, Early Intervention Services, Law Enforcement or Corrections Officer, Nurse or Medical Technician, Child or Family Service Agency or Head Start; or 50 percent of the principal amount of this loan canceled if you are a member of the Armed Forces of the United States in an area of hostilities that qualifies for special pay under section 310 of Title 36 of the United States Code; or 70 percent of the original principal loan amount canceled if you perform qualified services as a volunteer under the Peace Corps Act or Domestic Volunteer Service Act of 1973.


Contact the Department of ED/ECSI Federal Perkins Servicer at (866) 313-3797.