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Robert Vartabedian

Dr. Robert Vartabedian

Welcome to Missouri Western State University!

The start of the academic year is always an enjoyable time for me. With high hopes, we look to what the future will bring.

It is a time for new beginnings and new opportunities. We will welcome approximately 1,000 new freshmen on our campus this fall. As I recall from my own freshman year of college many years ago, this will be one of the most important years in our new students’ lives.

To these new students in particular, I offer these words of advice. Regardless of where you have been and what you have done previously, with the right attitude and plenty of hard work you can transform your life. I am convinced that the best way to do exactly that is through your higher education experience here. In my ten years as President of Missouri Western, I have witnessed thousands of those transformations.

The life-changing quality of higher education occurs both in the classroom and outside the classroom.

Inside the classroom, you will encounter faculty members who are dedicated to making your learning experience a memorable one. Many of these faculty could have chosen much more lucrative careers. Instead, they chose to dedicate their lives to our students. While these faculty members engage in important research and creative activities, their #1 concern is their students. In fact, many of them seek out students to do collaborative research projects and creative activities.

However, there is much more to a Missouri Western education than what goes on in the classroom. There is field work, professional internships, public service, special on-campus events, and a whole host of co-curricular activities. Research has reflected that students are more likely to stay in college if they are truly engaged in activities outside the classroom. There will not be a shortage of such activities available to you at Missouri Western.

Speaking of outside the classroom experiences, among our many supplemental facilities on campus, we have three fairly recently completed projects named in honor of nationally prominent people: the Walter Cronkite Memorial, the Senator Thomas Eagleton Indoor Pool, and the Bill Synder Pavilion. Each of these individuals had an important impact on our community and an even larger impact on his chosen profession. We encourage all of our students as well as community members to enjoy these special facilities. By doing so, they not only further broaden their horizons but also honor legendary people who are connected to our history.

To those new to our university, enjoy all that Missouri Western has to offer. We are certainly pleased to become an important part of your future.


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Robert A. Vartabedian

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