Fuel Cloud Access

The Physical Plant has a fuel tank offering No Lead and Diesel fuel available for University owned or leased vehicles. If you need access to fuel you will need to complete the Fuel Cloud Access Request form. Scan and email the completed form to phyplant@missouriwestern.edu.

You will need to provide a default budget code where fuel will be charged. We will email you with your access code you and budget code to enter in the Fuel Cloud system. You have the option to change the budget code when you access the pump.

We have the capability to setup accounts for special programs with multiple users. Please complete a form and list the name of the program under the driver name along with a program contact and budget code. Please provide a contact number should we need additional information.

We will use the information provided to track fuel usage and complete the monthly chargebacks.

Fuel Pump Instructions

  1. Touch Screen
  2. Select Fuel Type
  3. Enter 5 digit access code
  4. Enter last 3 digits of Lic. Plate # in the search box.
  5. Select License Plate
  6. Activate Pump
  7. Close and secure box
  8. Fuel vehicle
    Pump will automatically shut off

Fleet Rental Policy

In an effort to improve communications and tracking of Vehicle Rental Request Applications we have incorporated the submission of MWSU Vehicle Request Application with our School Dude Work Order System.

All rental cars/vans/buses for University business should be reserved through School Dude. To reserve a vehicle through School Dude, go to the Physical Plant Website, click on the School Dude tab and click on the School Dude link located at the top of the page.  Use your MWSU Login assigned to you by IT.

Please provide the date(s) of travel and time you plan to pick up and return your vehicle in the description.  Select the budget code from the budget dropdown where you want the rental to be charged. If your budget code does not appear on the dropdown you will need to include the budget code in the description.   Select Transportation from the craft dropdown for a vehicle/SUV rental or Transportation Van/BUS for a 12-15 passenger van, mini bus or charter bus.  You will need to attach the completed MWSU Vehicle Request Application to the School Dude work order.  The scanned MWSU Vehicle Request Application is all we need, keep the original for your records.

Your budget code can be added to the School Dude Budget dropdown by sending an email to phyplant@missouriwestern.edu.

All car/van/bus requests need to be submitted at least two weeks prior to the travel date.

An automated confirmation email will be sent to the contact listed on the School Dude work order when reservation is received.

If the Physical Plant does not have a fleet rental vehicle available, the Physical Plant will obtain one from another rental agency for the individual or the department.  A confirmation email will be sent to the driver 1 – 2 weeks prior to your travel once the vehicle has been assigned.  Lockboxes with access codes are available for afterhours or weekend pickups.  The Physical Plant will handle all reservations for rental vehicles.  Enterprise currently has the State Contract.  You will be notified of the rental company information and options available in the confirmation email.

Note:  Any rental vehicle requested for pick up before 8am or return after 2:30pm Monday-Friday will not be returned to the rental car company until the next business day and may be subject to an additional charges.

Requestors have to option to pick up or return rental vehicles directly to the rental car company to avoid additional charges. 

Requests may be denied based on vehicle availability. Prompt notification will be given if there is difficulty filling a request.

No shelled nuts or seeds are allowed in cars, vans or buses. Cleaning fees up to $100 may be accessed to cover cleaning costs.  

2318 N Belt Hwy
Saint Joseph, MO, US, 64506
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
7:30 AM – 6:00 PM
7:30 AM – 6:00 PM
7:30 AM – 6:00 PM
7:30 AM – 6:00 PM
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Trips using a Fleet Driver

Trip Contact – Please make sure the Trip Contact’s cell phone number is included on the Vehicle Request Application.  This contact number will be given to the driver to be used to communicate on the day of travel for any issues or questions.

Itinerary – Please be sure to include an itinerary for all bus trips.  This will ensure our drivers can adequately plan for your trip.

Damages – The department is responsible for any charges incurred due to damage done to the bus caused by the actions of any person within the traveling group.  This includes items flushed down the buses septic system.

Cleaning Fee – A $100 cleaning fee may be accessed for the return of an excessively dirty bus or van.

Cancellation Fee – Bus trips canceled less than 48 hours’ notice will be accessed a charge of $72 per day per bus to cover driver’s 4 hour minimum guarantee time.

Drivers’ Expenses – The department is responsible for providing the University Fleet Driver’s meals and lodging expenses, if applicable.

After the Trip

Chargebacks are processed monthly and charged to the Budget Code listed on the Vehicle Request Form. An automated email will be sent to the person listed as the contact on the School Dude Work Order indicating the closing of the work order. The budget code and amount charged will be indicated in the Notes section.

Please contact Shelle Browning, (816) 271-5816 if you have questions regarding bus or vehicle rentals.

Campus Fleet Vehicle Fees

Vehicle Passengers Description Driver Requirements Mileage Cost
Mini   Bus Bus 7 – 28 Passenger
Bus 11 – 34 Passenger
Handicap Accessible, Rear Luggage Storage University Fleet Driver $2.25/mile – driver and fuel included
$125.00 Minimum plus driver and fuel.
Charter Freight Line – 40 Passenger Under luggage storage &  restroom University Fleet Driver $2.75/mile – driver and fuel included
$225.00 minimum plus driver and fuel
Rentals Car 4-door
$33.33 per day plus fuel
$37.88 per day plus fuel
Vans 12-15  Passenger Fleet Van
Rental Van
$141 per day plus fuel
The going rate through rental company plus fuel

Campus Shuttles

Buses used as campus shuttles for campus sponsored events for consecutive multiple days will be charged the full minimum fee plus driver plus fuel for the 1st day and ½ the minimum fee plus driver plus fuel for every day following. Any break in time the fee structure starts again with the full minimum fee etc.

Contact Shelle Browning at (816) 271-5816 if you have questions regarding bus or vehicle rentals.

After hours emergency, call (816) 520-5689.