International Center

Tax Return Workshops

Two Tax workshops are held in February every year:

  • Both workshops are the same, so you only need to attend ONE of them.
  • You MUST attend if you studied in the U.S. last year.
  • If you are new to the U.S. this year, you can come to learn about the procedures you will need to follow next year if you would like.

If you have a class conflict and cannot attend either workshop, please let ISS know.

During the workshops, tax professionals will help you fill out Form 8843. They will also give some basic information on how to file a tax return and give you the option to pay a small fee to file the return for you.

ALL international students on F-1, F-2, J-1, or J-2 visas who were present in the U.S. last year must fill out Form 8843, even if you have not earned any income in the United States.

All students:

Bring your immigration documents with you to the workshops (passport/visa/I94)

If you worked in the U.S. last year:

  • If you have worked on campus, or off campus on CPT or OPT last year, you must fill out an income tax return.
  • Please find your W-2 (or 1099) forms your employers should have given you in January. If your employer has not given them to you, please ask them for it and bring these forms to the workshop.

If you received a scholarship last year:

  • If you received a scholarship last year, you may also need to file a tax return.
  • Please bring a scholarship letter, a copy of a student bill that shows the amount of scholarship money you have received, or some other document showing the amount to the workshop.