International Student Services

Request Agreement

Expected compensation – Qualified agent may receive equivalent up to 10% of incidental tuition, or a maximum of up to $600 each semester, for two consecutive semesters in which the recruited student is enrolled full time at the university in a degree program.  Also, agents referral for students enrolled full time in the Intensive English Program will be compensated up to 10% of tuition, or up to maximum $500 each semester enrolled, as well as commissions for the two first semesters while in the degree program.  Refer to the contract or agency agreement, when appropriate.

Request for Agency Agreement

  • Visit to the University campus is not required prior to signed agreement, but is preferred.
  • Review RFQ17-037 forms, procedure, instructions, and read and acknowledge Addendum 1.  The forms are also available on the Purchasing Office website.
  • Required documentations (refer to Step 1 below) and/or questions must be submitted to (attention: Kelly Sloan) and copy to

Step 1: Complete and submit the following documentations:
(1) RFQ17-037 Agency application form
(2) RFQ17-037 Agent contract
(3) List of professional references.  Non-AIRC certified agents are required to provide minimum 3 verifiable university/college references.  Provide the school name, location, contact person, phone number, and email address.

Optional: Provide the U.S. IRS form W-8BEN (individual) or IRS form W-8BEN-E (entity) form.  While it is not necessary during the Request for Agency Agreement processing stage, it is mandatory before commission payment is approved.  Please note that you may find the fillable PDF version on the IRS website.

Step 2: The University will review application and check references, if available.  Processing time 2-3 weeks, if requires reference checks.

Step 3: When approved, the University’s Office of Finances and Administration will sign the contract and send a copy to the company.  Also, the university will provide a certificate of representation, agent handbook, and arrange web or virtual training with the company.

Step 4: Arrange counselor web training and/or virtual meetings at any time during the process.  Email