New students are expected to sit for a few placement tests upon arrival during the international orientation week. The test scores are utilized to determine student’s Math and English course or level placements during your study at Missouri Western.

These tests are free to the students and helps ensure college preparedness, and maximizes academic success while at the University. Therefore, students should prepare mentally and physically to take the tests and take it seriously.

International undergraduate/bachelor degree students are not required to provide either ACT (or SAT) test score for admissions purposes. However, any students who provide the official test to the University during the admission process may qualify for a placement test waiver. The waivers depend on the score earned in the standardized test.

Bachelor/Undergraduate students are required to take the following tests if they do not have an ACT or SAT test score. If needed, these test(s) are scheduled during the first two days of the International Orientation week. Students will be informed when to take the test(s); pre-registration is not required.

  • Mathematics test (1 hour) → It is to gauge skills student would have learned and applied while in high school. View the resources, take sample exam, and review the free video tutorial often
  • English Reading placement test (1 hour)  → View sample questions, and use free practice test
  • English Writing Placement test (45 minutes)  → Read expectations of the written essay or composition test. The test is graded based on student’s ability to evaluate the essay topic, as well as meeting these goals: length, purpose, focus, thesis, detail and support, order and clarity. The Center strongly urge student who has minimum TOEFL 80 iBT, or IELTS 6.5 to volunteer/choose to take the test to qualify for English 104 (College Writing and Rhetoric). Otherwise, student will greatly benefit from studying in English 100 (Introduction to College Writing) course.

Best advice to students:

  • Practice! Practice! Practice!  Use the practice tests provided above often, minimum 2-4 times.
  • Rest well upon arrival, always do your best, and do not panic.
  • To help prepare for the English language tests student should continue to practice listening, reading and writing in the American English language.

Master/Graduate students: NONE

Exchange students: NONE