International Student Services

On-Campus Employment

International students can apply for a variety of part-time jobs on campus. 

  • Student is eligible to work 20 hours maximum every week, and 37.5 hours during summer break.
  • To begin the on-campus job search your application you will have to go to the Career Development Center website and create your profile through Student Employment and Career Development Griffons4Hire, or click HERE
  • Seek professionals feedback for a professional, American style resume or C.V.  If interested, the hiring employer may contact to schedule a job interview. 
  • Once you are offered a job, you need to apply for a social security number before you start working. 
  • DO NOT work before you have been issued a social security number.  Even if your supervisor says it is ok to work, it is NOT ok.  If your social security application is pending, you may NOT work.

The job or employment offer form has to be filled by your supervisor! To fill out the form click the link below: