Visual & Performing Arts

Do you love movies and dream of one day making your own?

Do you find yourself re-imagining your surroundings, whether it is drawings, sculptures or animations?

Do you find yourself regularly deconstructing and reconstructing songs in your head?

Are you known among your friends and family as the actor, performer, or creator?

Visual and Performing Arts Focus Area encompasses a variety of art forms that includes drawing, illustration, digital animation, music, cinema. Students pursuing a degree in Visual and Performing Arts will gain the foundational skills that will enable them to express themselves in the various forms of art. Students who are in this area of study have a high level of creativity and willingness to explore communication through a variety of mediums.

Missouri Western majors that are related to this focus area include:

  • B.F.A. Digital Animation
  • B.F.A. Graphic Design
  • B.M.A. Bachelor of Musical Arts in Performance and other related fields
  • B.A.A. Bachelor of Applied Arts in Performing and Cinematic Arts

Visual & Performing Arts Careers
Visual & Performing Arts Sample Plan

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