Name Email Phone College & Department Committee Liaison
or Senate Role
Ed Taylor** x4403 Social Science and Humanities President
Angela Haas* x5688 LA History Vice President
Michael Charlton** x4210 LA Communication Secretary
Kevin Anderson x4284 CSMP Past President
Cheryl McIntosh* X4338 CSB
Csengele Barta** x4334 SHP Biology
Dawn Drake** x4161 SHP Geography
Jana Frye* X4350 SHP Social Work
Dan Shepherd** x4366 Education
Monty Smith* x4434 CSBPS Criminal Justice
William Russell** X4492 Health, Sport, and Exercise
Kristen Walton* x5613 SHP Biology
Laura Reynolds x4234 MWSU Provost Ex-Officio
Elizabeth Kennedy x4534 MWSU President Ex-Officio

*= First Term 2022-2023
**= Second Term 2022-2023