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The MWSU Faculty Senate enables the instructional faculty to participate effectually in the governance of Missouri Western State University. This includes (but is not be limited to) the following:

  1. To facilitate communication between the Instructional Faculty and Administration, Boards of Control and Students.
  2. To make recommendations for the betterment of the member of this Association and of the University.
  3. To keep the members of this Association informed regarding the operation of the University.
  4. To make recommendations for the improvement of curriculum, instruction, academic standards, and all matters affecting the education of students of Missouri Western State University.
  5. To review proposals submitted by and/or to the University Governance Advisory council and make recommendations thereon.
  6. To elect a Faculty Senate which shall act as the official governing body of this Association.

2022-2023 Meetings

All meetings start at 4 p.m.

Location: PDR in Blum Union (for Faculty Senate members, President, and Provost only)
Zoom (for all other guests, faculty, and staff members)

2022-2023 meeting dates will be posted soon.

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