Department of Communication & Journalism


The Department of Communication and Journalism prepares students for careers in speech communication, public relations and convergent journalism. The department offers comprehensive programs that focus on the expression, comprehension and exchange of ideas through oral or written discourse or the various forms of digital and print media.  Through an understanding of the communication process and participation in many applied learning opportunities, students become aware of and understand societies’ professional, social and creative life. This broad experience in communication and journalistic theory and practice provides a strong background for careers in fields such as law, politics, journalism, public relations, communication and teaching.

The Department of Communication and Journalism offers the following degrees: (1) Bachelor of Arts with a major in Speech Communication; (2) Bachelor of Science in Education (a joint degree combining Speech Communication and Theatre); (3) Bachelor of Science with a major in Speech Communication (students in this program will select a concentration in Public Relations, Organizational Communication or Research); (4) Bachelor Of Science In Convergent Media. Students may minor in Speech and Theatre, Speech Communication, and Journalism.