Important Considerations

  • The internship supervisor must be a professional from whom the student will learn.
  • The internship supervisor may not be a family member or be employed by a family member.
  • Students may not work in the private home or home office of an internship supervisor.
  • Virtual office internships are allowed upon approval of contact structure and work schedule.

How can I find an internship?

  1. Check your email! The internship supervisor regularly sends emails about internship opportunities that are available.
  2. Check the Communication and Journalism Facebook page for any postings regarding internships.
  3. Career Development lists internships on their handshake site.
  4. Search online! Search for internship opportunities within your field of interest. There are websites such as that are great resources for helping you find a place to intern in your area.
  5. Know of a specific place you’d like to intern? Contact them!

What to do after I find an internship?

  1. Work with the internship supervisor to complete the Internship Agreement Form and the Code of Ethics. Then bring the completed forms to Dr. Michael Charlton.
  2. Dr. Charlton will confirm that the internship and the student meet the requirements for a communication, strategic communication, or journalism internship and put in an override for the course.
  3. Register for the course!
  4. Access Canvas to access documents to complete the course and to know when and where you are required to turn in various documents.
  5. Work 40 hours for every credit hour you enroll. For example, if you are interning for 3 credits x 40 hours = 120 hours of contact hours at your internship are required.
  6. You must keep a log of the dates, times, and activities of the work you do. These logs are due periodically, as stipulated in the canvas course, and must be signed by your internship supervisor.
  7. At the end of the semester provide your supervisor with the Performance Review Form that you will access in Canvas and ensure that Dr. Charlton receives the completed form.
  8. Write the essay based on the requirements outlined in the assignment in Canvas.
  9. Submit examples of your work to Canvas.


To be eligible for an internship a student must:

  • have a minimum of 2.5 major GPA
  • have completed at least 1 JOU or COM 200 level or above course
  • approval of the department

For any questions regarding internships please contact Dr. Michael Charlton at (816) 271-4312.

Student intern taking notes, holding microphones and mini recorder
Internship Agreement Form
Code of Ethics