“It’s [Missouri Western is] the perfect size fit. It’s exactly what I needed.”

Briana Reed, Journalism Major

Major: Journalism
Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Distance from home

When Briana Reed was searching for the right university, she wanted to go far away from home. Her mom encouraged her to try Missouri Western, which is an hour away from her home in Kansas City. “You’re far, but you’re not too far. Once I actually got here, I realized it was very beneficial to be an hour away. You’re far, but you’re not too far,” she said.

Missouri Western Dance Company

Briana is a dancer and wanted to be able to experience many genres of dance than what the Mystic Dance Team had to offer. “Once I got more connected with people on campus, and the Missouri Western Dance Company was founded, I was able to do so many different styles of dance,” she said. “We’re such a diverse group. I love the team.”


Working for the yearbook has provided Briana with experiences that she doesn’t believe she could have gotten at another university. One of the first stories Briana covered was about a mentalist that performed on campus. After the show, she was able to interview the mentalist and he chose to use some of her photos for promotion online. “I was able to get some of my work shown on Instagram,” she said. “It was a lot of exposure for me that I did not know would happen. I’m very thankful for that.”