“I found a place to be comfortable and showcase what I love.”
Trasean Stepney, Journalism Major

Major: Journalism
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Family Away From Home

Trasean Stepney, from St. Louis, says he found a family away from home when he joined the Missouri Western Dance Company as a sophomore. He said he didn’t really “put himself out there” his freshmen year, but then he was asked to join the MWSU Dance Company.

“That was the best experience,” he said. “It made me realize my joy of performing. I found a place to be comfortable and showcase what I love. Missouri Western challenged me to not only grow, but to grow in my relationships.”

Hands-on Experience

Trasean is currently a journalism major, and says he appreciates all the hands-on experience he has gotten in his classes. “I actually get to hold what I will need to work with and go out and explore what I need to do.”

He said when he helped out at a radio station in his hometown of St. Louis, they were surprised at how much he knew. “’You’re ahead of the game,’ they told me.”

Trasean, who was a resident assistant and a member of the Homecoming committee, hopes to work at a radio station when he graduates with his journalism degree.