The MWSU Law Enforcement Academy derives its authority under the Missouri Code of State Regulations and complies with applicant eligibility requirements established therein:
11 CSR 75-14.060 Eligibility for Entrance into a Basic Training Course
PURPOSE: This rule identifies the qualifications for entrance into a basic training course.
(1) No person shall be admitted into a certified basic training course unless such person:
  • (A) Is eighteen (18) years of age or older;
  • (B) Is a United States citizen;
  • (C) Is the holder of a valid high school diploma or its equivalent pursuant to 11 CSR 75-2.010;
  • (D) Has been fingerprinted pursuant to 11 CSR 75-13.020 within one hundred twenty (120) days of, and no later than fifteen (15) days before, the start of the basic training course; and
  • (E) Has submitted a Missouri Peace Officer License Legal Questionnaire to the basic training center director.
Applicants for the Law Enforcement Academy will be reviewed and selection made without consideration of age, marital status, sex, national origin, color, creed, financial status, and/or religion to the extent required by law. The Department of Public Safety determines if the Applicant meets other requirements under the Code of Statute Regulations as related to conduct and character evidenced by criminal history and related documentation.