The curriculum of the Law Enforcement Academy is embedded within 18 credit hours of criminal justice courses, with the credits earned being applicable to Missouri Western’s associate and bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice.

Missouri Western students seeking POST certification to qualify for a career in law enforcement will be simultaneously earning credits that apply toward a college degree. A college degree is required for many law enforcement positions as it is recognized that the additional knowledge obtained through a college degree is of significant value to law enforcement officers.

While we believe that a college degree is highly valuable to individuals seeking a career in law enforcement, POST certification may be obtained without enrolling as a degree seeking student. However, only degree seeking students are eligible for most forms of financial aid (e.g., Pell grants).

Students seeking admission to the university as degree seeking students must submit ACT scores. Students with an ACT Math score lower than 22, an ACT English score lower than 18, or an ACT Reading score lower than 18 will be required to complete developmental courses in the appropriate discipline(s).