By: Alicia Otto

No, it’s not a science experiment gone wrong. It is an octopus tentacle made from old clock parts being created by Indigo Gaydusek.

Set to graduate in May, it is safe to say Gaydusek loves the work she has produced as an undergraduate and respects those who have guided her.

Kathy Liao and Eric Fuson are two of Gaydusek’s professors, both of whom she respects as artists and instructors.

“They are just really good at helping you when you need it,” Gaydusek said. “But they don’t make the project too specific that you can’t use your own approach to it.”

Liao recently submitted Gaydusek for a downtown project for which Gaydusek was selected.

“It’s going to be a mural with wings,” Gaydusek said. “It will be used to help brand St. Joseph and will be a photo op.” Gaydusek will use a form of Griffon wings, which will be positioned so that visitors can have their pictures taken so it looks like they have wings.

Gaydusek will complete the mural as a project for her honors class.

The new mural will replace an old mural on a downtown St. Joseph building. Gaydusek will create drawings and submit them to the Downtown Strategic Planning Committee for final approval before covering up the old mural with the new one.

The fine arts department does a great job of getting students’ artwork out into the public.

Most of the students’ artwork is displayed in Potter Hall, but other buildings on campus have displays as well.

“We have a mural in Eder Hall,” Gaydusek said. “My painting class did that two semesters ago, and we are working on projects in other buildings.”

Artwork is not only displayed in buildings on campus but is also submitted for juried shows. Gaydusek has received several awards at juried competitions, including one of her paintings that received a juror’s choice award at Western.

Fine arts students, along with their works, were recently displayed at the Western Arts Society’s Annual Meeting. The Western Arts Society is comprised of Western faculty, staff and community members. The Arts Society supports fine arts students by providing funds through requests to the Board.

Gifts from the Arts Society are used by Gaydusek all the time. Every time Gaydusek picks up a new piece of equipment, she knows it is a benefit from the Arts Society funding.

Behold the future. This one is as bright as her artist’s palette.