Applicants need to complete at least 24 hours of observation of a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant. At least two hours should be spent observing in an inpatient setting, such as a hospital or skilled nursing facility, and at least two hours should be spent observing in an outpatient setting. All observation hours should be documented on the form found here:

Observation can be done at any location where you can observe physical therapists or a physical therapist assistants doing their job. The list below is provided for your convenience, but you are not limited to observation at these sites. Observation of occupational therapy, speech therapy, nursing, etc. cannot be used for your application.

When observing in a hospital or clinic setting, it is expected that you conduct yourself professionally.

  • Attire is business casual.
  • No jeans or shorts, no t-shirts with writing on them.
  • Be on time, and stay for the agreed amount of time.
  • Respect the patient’s right to confidentiality.
  • Talk to the PT or PTA privately concerning whether they prefer that you ask questions in the presence of the patient or after the treatment.

Mosaic Life Care Center
For observation at any Mosaic Life Care site in Saint Joseph, apply online at This is a necessary first step before contacting the therapy site directly. As this process takes some time, contact Mosaic early. At least two of your observation hours should be completed at inpatient clinics.

Mosaic Life Care Outpatient Therapies at North Belt / 3007 North Belt Highway, Suite L
Mosaic Life Care Outpatient Therapies in St. Joseph at Frederick / 3107 Frederick Avenue
Mosaic Life Care Inpatient / 5325 Faraon Street

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation / 1342 Village Drive / (816) 232-2878

Spine and Sport / 1311 North Belt / (816) 279-7778

Performance Plus / 1802 North Woodbine / (816) 232-5113

United Cerebral Palsy / 3303 Frederick / (816) 364-3836

Living Community of St. Joseph / 1202 Heartland Road / (816) 671-8506

St. Joseph Senior Living/ 1317 North 36th Street / (816) 676-1630