Missouri Western is Missouri’s official Applied Learning University, and the Psychology department is proud of our long history with hands-on experiences for students.

Students have plenty of opportunities to explore the interesting and varied areas of Psychology. At Missouri Western, 100% of Psychology majors are engaged in research. Students work side-by-side with faculty members on research projects, as well as in small research teams.

For a complete list of our Psychology students’ research projects, check out the National Undergraduate Research Clearinghouse website, developed and maintained by Missouri Western’s Psychology Department, thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Students in Psychology have several opportunities to gain practical experience through internships or practicums before they graduate.

Psychology students have worked in local offices such as Riverbend Rehabilitation Center, Youth Services Group Homes, United Cerebral Palsy, Heartland Mental Health Unit, Buchanan County Prosecutor’s Office, Buchanan County Juvenile Office and Family Guidance Center, to name a few.

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Psy 420 (Practicum) Information

Students conduct independent research in the Psychology Department in the PSY450 class. Students work directly with faculty mentors  to determine research needs and process.

The Honors Program provides students with an independent focused study in a chosen major under the direction of a professor. This independent study is intended to culminate in an Honors Project worthy of presentation and/or publication. To apply for admissions into Honors Psychology, students should have successfully completed 32 hours of course work at MWSU or any accredited college or university with a GPA of 3.5.

A student who is interested in doing Majors Honors at Missouri Western should:

  1. Indicate that intention by completing a Majors Honors approval form (also available in the Honors Office Spratt Hall 202), by identifying a faculty mentor/research advisor, and by submitting the completed application to the Honors Program.
  2. Complete 6 credit hours of Honors Colloquia at the 300-level. (If that student has already completed General Studies Honors which requires 6 credit hours, then the colloquia requirement for Majors Honors is reduced to 4 credit hours.) In each colloquia the student needs a grade of A or B.
  3. Complete 2 designated upper-division courses in his or her major department, attaining a grade of A or B in each. These upper-division courses do not have to be the same for every student who elects Majors
    Honors in that department. The student just has to do substantial work in the major to satisfy the supervising faculty member and the department.
  4. Complete a major research project or creative work that is done in conjunction with the two courses (or in addition to them).
  5. Submit a copy of the Majors Honors Research Project to the Honors Office with the signatures of the student and the faculty mentor.
  6. Submit to the Honors office the signed Majors Honors Progress Report with course work now completed and with the final grades attained along with the final title of the research project.

The Honors Office will verify successful completion of Majors Honors to the Registrar’s Office. This designation will be posted on the student’s official transcript.

Student presents her work at a national conference.