Andrew Johnson, Ph.D.Andrew Johnson, Ph.D., ’90
Chair and Associate Professor of Psychology
Park University

“My experience with research projects and leadership gave me confidence and taught me valuable skills. I felt that the faculty members truly cared about my learning. Interestingly, I am now in the same position as those professors who inspired me, and I hope I can have the same amount of influence on my students.”

Tia Meredith-AshTia Meredith-Ash, ’01
Business Development Specialist/Contracting Specialist
“As a personnel psychology major, I had the advantage of varied coursework because of its emphasis in business. This gave me a well-rounded education and opened the door to the job I have today. Psychology, in general, not only prepared me for the working world but most importantly helped me to adjust to different personalities in the workplace.”

Jim and Kasey BeatyJim Beaty, ’93, Ph.D and Kasey Beaty, ’93, M.A.
“Missouri Western prepared us to succeed in grad school. Looking at other graduate students from larger, more well-known schools, we excelled because of the educational foundation we received at Missouri Western. It was more than an education. It was four great years of our lives.”

Dr. Andi Rittman LassiterDr. Andi Rittman Lassiter, ’98
Department of Psychology
Minnesota State University, Mankato
“Missouri Western gave me the support needed to grow and develop both professionally and personally. I learned so much about the field of psychology. Because of my high-quality introduction to research at Missouri Western, I was easily able to transition into graduate level research.”

Scott DaviesScott Davies, ’96, Ph.D
Director of Research and Development
Hogan Assessment System
“My professors in the Missouri Western Psychology Department provided me with a research and statistical foundation that is second to none. While completing my Ph.D. at Ohio State, I had a big advantage over graduate students from larger institutions because I was taught solely by Ph.Ds during my undergraduate studies. The fact that the MWSU professors cared so much about my education and career success prepared me well for my career in basic and applied research.”

N. Andrew Peterson, Ph.D., ’91
Director for Research and Asst. Professor
University of Iowa
“Faculty in the department of psychology truly listened to students’ ideas. They also encouraged us to challenge ourselves and our preconceived notions of the world.”

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