Department of Engineering Technology

Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Manufactured Engineering Technology covers a broad range of technologies necessary to apply and control manufacturing processes. It includes production methods for industrial and consumer products. The manufacturing engineering technology professional must be able to plan, design and implement the facilities, tools and machines used in production as well as understand the operations process to produce high-quality products at competitive prices.

Students can choose three paths in MET. The General MET option provides students with the building blocks to continue their education and achieve a bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology with a concentration in either bio-manufacturing or design and technical graphics.

The Bio-Manufacturing concentration in the Manufacturing Engineering Technology program was created to meet the ever-growing demand of a highly educated workforce for the bio-production and research companies in the animal health corridor. Students in the program will acquire interdisciplinary knowledge in Organic Chemistry, Microbiology, Thermodynamics, and other manufacturing subjects. Graduates in Bio-Manufacturing qualify for jobs related to bio-production, packaging, maintenance, design, and lab scale-up work.

The Design & Technical Graphics concentration in the Manufacturing Engineering Technology program focuses on the computer applications, especially computer-aided drafting and design, for industries. It is created to meet the business and industrial trend of more and more computer applications in production.

The Department offers two-year AAS and four-year BS degrees in manufacturing Engineering Technology.

BS-MET Sample Program

A.A.S Degree in Manufacturing (2-Year)

Career opportunities for two-year associate degree graduates of Manufacturing Engineering Technology include entry-level positions with industries engaged in plant design, machine and tool design, robotics and industrial automation, and computer-integrated manufacturing.

The Precision Machining option centers on hands-on learning in Missouri Western’s expanded professional machine tool and CNC labs and prepares workforce ready graduates. Career opportunities for two-year associate degree graduates with the Precision Machining option include entry-level positions with industries engaged in machine and tool design, manufacturing machine operation, CNC operation and troubleshooting/maintenance.

The Instrumentation and Automation option focuses on hands-on learning in electricity, electronics and computer applications in industry and is designed to meet the workforce needs in the expanding electronics and automation applications field. Career opportunities for two-year associate degree graduates with the Instrumentation and Automation option include entry-level positions with industries engaged in industrial automation, automated production line operation, plant electricity and computer-integrated manufacturing operation and maintenance.

B.S. Degree in Manufacturing (4-Year)

Four-year B.S. degree graduates qualify for jobs related to production, process and productivity improvement, and process design. They also qualify for supervisory and managerial positions in plant engineering.

Graduates of Missouri Western’s manufacturing program have a strong and broad foundation that enables them to perform well in any field in which application of manufacturing principles is required.

Program Facts

  • Two-Year Program with an Associate of Applied Science Degree
  • Four-Year BS Degree
  • ONLY Manufacturing Engineering Technology programs in Northwestern Missouri

What subjects are covered in the MET program?

  • Computer Aided Drafting, CAM, Software: AutoCad, ProE, MasterCam , Solidworks
  • Manufacturing Methods (machine shop practices, tools, lathe, mill),Welding (OAW,SMAW, GMAW, GTAW)
  • Electric Circuits, Electronic Devices, Electrical Power Technology
  • Automated Manufacturing (PLC, robotics), CNC Machining
  • Industrial Materials, Basic Design Method, Machine Parts and Mechanical Design
  • Automation and Process Control Technology
  • Financial Aspects of Engineering Projects

SME Student Chapter

The Department maintains a student chapter of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME Chapter S332).