By: Jake Meikel

In some instances, diversity is an understatement. Juggling many different activities along with a career is never an easy task. Dr. Christine Ziemer, a psychology professor at Western, is never bored and nothing short of fascinating.

Ziemer does research on child and infant development and has been doing so for quite some time.

Her current study looks at infant perception and how they understand two-dimensional versus three-dimensional objects.

As part of the study, she looks to see how infants of certain age ranges understand touch screens. As a mother of two who has her Ph.D. in child development, this type of study is right in her wheelhouse.

What is more fascinating other than the dedication she has to her work is what’s done outside of her normal routine.

Ziemer currently takes part in Pyro Tribe — yes, pyro meaning fire. Pyro Tribe is a local fire-spinning performance group in St. Joseph. Ziemer claims the performances have become more of a community building event rather than a night of spinning fire.

A concerned parent may wonder if she has had any bad experiences working with fire, but Ziemer affirms that no major mishaps have occurred.

“I’ve had small burns on my arms,” Ziemer said. “My hair has caught fire, but it usually goes out pretty quick”

Pyro Tribe has done many events for weddings and private events. They also put on a free performance the Monday before the closest full moon each month called Moonday.

Ziemer also takes part in a feminist book club called The Coven.

“I like it, because it’s getting to know the other female professors in different departments and kind of supporting each other,” Ziemer said.

In addition, Ziemer takes the time to raise chickens. She makes a case for their benefits saying they get along very well with her cats and give her fresh eggs.

All of this and still in the prime of her life, Ziemer has more on her plate than just the fresh eggs from her chickens.