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By: Paige Griffee

Choosing an individual path in life is everyone’s dream. For senior Will Doyle, his path is music, and with the help of Western’s music tech program, he’s achieving just that.

In fact, Doyle said one word comes to mind when describing the music tech department: opportunity.

“Music tech is such a broad field, but here, you are really allowed to apply it however you want and need to,” Doyle said.

The music tech program focuses on working with sound such as producing music, collaborating with other departments and working through various programs (e.g Logic, Livestage, and Ableton).

It also allows students to partner with the art, cinema and theatre departments. Doyle said he has scored multiple songs for films that cinema students have created.

“Collaborating is a great opportunity and opens the doors for different fields to go into,” Doyle said.

Doyle, who found his passion for music tech his freshman year of high school, came into Western eager to learn.

His most rewarding project was his collaborative work with game developers. This encouraged his dream to one day go into the field of music technology for virtual reality or augmented reality.

Danny Campos, another music tech major, grew up in a Hispanic home constantly surrounded by music which played a large part in him developing his passion for music.

“When it comes to making music, it’s very free; I never know what I’m going to do,” Campos said.

Campos has created different genres of tracks from hip hop to pop and even EDM. He finds his experience as a music tech student very rewarding.

“You put all this blood, sweat and tears into the work and then put it out there and get feedback,” Campos said. “You get what you give.”

The music tech program gives students an opportunity to perform some of their work at the President’s Holiday Gala, which occurs every December.

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