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By: Alicia Otto

For most people, third-grade curriculum included reading, writing and arithmetic. Some of the lucky ones even had recess. For Jillian Beauford, third-grade lessons included learning how to draw.

When a friend received a “How to Draw Horses” book, Beauford decided to try to learn, as well. However, when her friend’s drawing was better, Beauford found her artist within and determined to draw better. PTA1 = Part-Time Artist.

A native of St. Joseph, Missouri, Beauford attended Central High School and Western after graduation. Now Beauford is set to graduate from the Physical Therapist Assistant program in May 2019. PTA2 = Physical Therapist Assistant.

“It seems so simple what we do, but it really helps so much,” Beauford said. During clinicals, when a patient would come back and say, “I’m feeling better than I have in a long time,” Beauford knew she was on the right path.

Beauford thoroughly enjoys helping others through the Physical Therapy Assistant program at Western and looks forward to a future in that career. At the same, she feels she is also helping people through her artwork. Beauford works mainly on commissions, and most of her commissioned drawings are of people or animals. Beauford recalls one of her favorite commissions.

“A French Terrier Bulldog, but [the client] wanted to look like a queen,” Beauford said. It was the bust of a queen with a French Terrier Bulldog head. Both the artist and client loved it.

After graduation, Beauford will relocate to Manhattan, Kansas. to be with her fiancé Eric who has two more years before he receives his degree in architectural engineering.

“I saw him the first day of freshman year and I said ‘ooh, I like him,’” Beauford said about first meeting her fiancé.

But then she didn’t speak to him the entire first year. After her mom was tired of listening to her talk about him, Beauford made the first move and texted him. They are now planning their summer 2019 wedding and their future.

“I would love to make art my career, but I know feasibly that’s a really difficult thing to do,” Beauford said. With a love of physical therapy, Beauford hopes to always continue doing art on the side.

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