The profession of social work is a regulated profession at the state level. This means that the title and social work roles are protected. Various levels of licensure, along with scope of practice for each, are codified in the state of Missouri and are available for reference. For additional information, refer to the Missouri Committee for Social Workers here.

The State of Missouri and many other states require a degree from an accredited social work program in order to sit for the social work licensure exam in the state. Obtaining a degree from an accredited social work program and passing the ASWB licensure exam are the first steps toward applying for a social work license in Missouri and other states.

The Social Work program at Missouri Western has met all standards and is approved by CSWE. Missouri Western’s Social Work program prepares students to move directly into employment or, on to graduate school. This means that students who complete this program, can use this degree in many geographic areas, states, with populations or provide services.  The State of Missouri does offer a license for BSWs but most positions do not require it. The State of Kansas, our close neighbor, generally requires a license to work as a Bachelor’s level Social Worker. The BSW degree from Missouri Western will meet the requirement the person will need to sit for the exam to become licensed. Other states may have different requirements for licensure. Information about other states requirement for licensure can be found at

If you have any questions about licensure in Missouri or any other state, please feel free to discuss it with department faculty; who will be happy to assist.

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