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Griffon Esports2021-12-03T13:04:37-06:00

Interest in Esports has exploded in recent years, both nationally and internationally, resulting in a billion-dollar professional esports industry. The accessibility and inclusivity of Esports brings together students from diverse backgrounds who share a common passion.

The Griffon Esports program provides a connected community for students while helping them develop essential real-life career skills, like teamwork, creativity, problem-solving and communication skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is esports?2019-12-02T09:52:00-06:00

Esports is organized team-based, multiplayer competitive video gaming. Competitions among collegiate teams and professionals can take place in arenas in front of large audiences and are streamed on the internet or broadcast on television.

Why collegiate esports?2019-12-02T09:52:21-06:00

Students and prospects are interested in watching, participating and competing in video games. Creating a physical and programmatic home for student gamers connects students socially while building critical soft skills like teamwork, communication, critical thinking and leadership skills. From a competitive standpoint, there are more than 130 universities nationwide with competitive varsity teams, including 16 in Missouri.

Are esports similar to the school’s athletic programs?2019-12-02T09:52:49-06:00

The structure of the program will mirror traditional varsity athletics with team members participating in tryouts, wearing uniforms and maintaining practice schedules. Student athletes are held to a code of conduct as well as must meet academic standards for active participation.

What esports will be played?2019-12-02T09:54:05-06:00
Is there a fan base for esports like there is for traditional sports?2019-12-02T09:54:22-06:00

Yes! As of 2019, approximately 250 million people watch esports worldwide on a regular basis. In the US that number is around 84 million, which makes it the second most watched competition behind football (141 million), beating out baseball (79 million) and basketball (63M).

Can I be involved with Griffon esports if I don’t make the varsity roster?2019-12-02T09:54:48-06:00

Absolutely! Each team will have manager and coach positions available as well as experiential learning opportunities through event management, broadcast production, photo and video editing, marketing and application development.

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