Department of Economics, Political Science & Sociology


The discipline of economics studies the ways in which people make choices as they assume the various roles of consumer, worker, small business owner, business or non-profit manager, investor, government policymaker, and the like. The manner in which the economy is organized determines the opportunities available to individuals for achieving their goals in a wide variety of areas, and it is one of the key factors affecting the quality of life in any society. Recently, with the increasing reliance upon free market economic principles at home and around the globe, students across the country have demonstrated a renewed interest in the study of economics. The background they acquire will serve them well whether they are preparing for careers in business, government or the non-profit sector, or plan to enter graduate school or law school.

The discipline of political science studies political institutions, the political behavior of individuals, and the behavior of individuals within groups. More specifically, political science is comprised of the study of relations between countries, the governmental systems of different countries, political, constitutional and policy issues, interest groups, political theory, and the media. Although the discipline is significantly diverse to cover virtually any topic of a political nature, a traditional curriculum is comprised of several subfields that is widely recognized and is included in the major at Missouri Western. In addition  to majoring in Political Science, students can earn minors in the discipline with either an emphasis in American politics or international affairs in addition to earning a minor in the interdisciplinary field of Peace and Conflict Studies.

Sociology is the study of group life, social interactions, and relationships in society. Sociology deals with issues relevant to people and social life. Sociology is concerned with such topics as marriage and the family, urban and rural life, crimes, social class, race and ethnicity, sex and gender, demographic changes, environment, technology and communication-to name a few. Sociology addresses these and other pressing contemporary issues by applying the systematic methods of scientific research.