“I think the most valuable thing I’ve learned here at Missouri Western is that I’m not just a number.”

Darby Hay

Hometown: St. Joseph, MO


“Missouri Western was great at welcoming me in with open arms,” said transfer student Darby Hay. “Right off the bat my Bio 101 professor assured me I had nothing to worry about.” The “transfer jitters” he experienced at first went away almost immediately as he developed many friendships with his peers and relationships with his professors. “If you’re still contemplating on it, don’t hesitate to be a Griffon.”

Fraternity life

Darby joined Phi Delta Theta almost immediately after starting at Missouri Western. “Those guys are some of my best friends – some of my best mentors,” he said. “They’re always there to help me. It doesn’t matter if it’s midnight and I need help with some last-second homework, they’re there for me. They’re a phone call away,” said the political science and pre-law major. “It’s just great to find that brotherhood aspect at such a new place for me.”