“The faculty, everybody, they are here for you.”

John Neville

Hometown: Smithville, Mo

Griffon Edge

John Neville finds Griffon Edge to be the best experience he’s had at Missouri Western so far. He had normal freshman anxiety from moving out and other life changes, and Griffon Edge helped remove the anxiety. “They made me feel like I was so welcome here, like everyone was going to be here for me. My Griffon Edge mentors helped me out through everything.”

Choosing Missouri Western

John knew there was something different about Missouri Western when he went on his campus tour. “It just has a home vibe,” he said. “I could see myself walking down to campus, going to my next classes. With these other campuses, I couldn’t see myself there.”

Professors help you succeed

John is thankful for the professors who have helped him during his time at Missouri Western. “They love what they do. And since they love what they do, they can make a more positive impact on our lives,” he said. “The faculty, everybody, they are here for you.”