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The office of Campus Printing and Design Services has a dual function: to manage and produce the University’s major marketing pieces and ensure consistency of message and presentation throughout the materials produced; and to meet the need for print services, as requested, whether these printed pieces are produced in-house or off-campus. We were created to provide cost-saving and time-saving services to Missouri Western.

We are a full service print shop with capabilities to print and finish your jobs. Any services we cannot do in-house, we can outsource for the best price. For any outsourcing, we work with local vendors whom we trust to provide high quality, work within the specifications, provide a fair price and meet deadlines.

All orders for University-related printing services are required to be facilitated through Campus Printing Services. All printing, including but not limited to publications, advertising, and stationery, should comply with Missouri Western’s Graphic Standards. Campus Printing Services and the Marketing and Communications Office must review the graphic design and content of printing for compliance to the Graphic Standards Manual. Campus Printing Services will broker or must approve all purchases for printing services.


We create the images, materials and brand graphics that portray Missouri Western. We want all of our publications to accurately tell MWSU’s story of quality. 

Some pieces we design:

  • Admissions package
  • Athletics schedule posters, schedule cards, programs
  • Theatre posters, banners, signage, programs
  • Missouri Western Magazine (3 issues a year)
  • Missouri Western Foundation Annual Report

The design staff produces hundreds of publications yearly targeted for off-campus and on-campus audiences. Examples include multi-page brochures, newsletters, posters, t-shirts, and banners.

  • We offer publication consultation, from design advice to getting bids for jobs, for members of the University community (for publications printed on- and off-campus and designed by us or by a University department)
  • We offer full design services, from one-color to full-color publications
  • We coordinate photography for events and/or publications
  • We house official Missouri Western logos, coordinate graphic identity standards, and assist you in implementing Missouri Western’s identity into your print communications.


We produce more than 400 publications a year on campus and by printers across the St. Joseph/KC area. This volume gives us the purchasing power to provide you (and the University) with cost-effective prices for high-quality print production. Experience has shown that when we do not work directly with the printer, the resulting piece falls short of client expectations.

Photos (or any image created in Photoshop) must be 300 dpi or more. Photos taken off the web are generally not high enough resolution for print. No amount of “magic” will make them look good. If you need photos taken, we can help you schedule a photo shoot, and the costs are charged back to your dept.

No. But, f you are designing the publication, this does not always mean quicker turnaround time. You are welcome to design your own publications, but if they are not done to our specifications, you may be charged more and it doesn’t  necessarily make production quicker. Our design fees are kept very low with department budgets in mind. Please review our design charges to get an idea of what it would cost to have us design your publication. Your designed piece must be approved by CPDS and/or The Office of Marketing and Communications before it is printed.

It depends on what it is. All printing (ink on paper) HAS to come through CPDS, whether we design it or not. Promotional items (t-shirts, mugs, lapel pins, window clings, etc) do not. We offer those services as a time saver for you. Your designed piece must be approved by CPDS and/or The Office of Marketing and Communications before it is printed.

To ensure a consistent style is used in University publications, publications have to be approved by The Office of Marketing and Communications. We want Missouri Western to be represented accurately, and to incorporate our brand mission with every impact piece.

Our Design Gallery

Our designers are highly skilled graphic design professionals who are responsible for creating a wide variety of pieces to suit the many needs of the campus community. Below are just a few examples. Click an image to scroll through the design gallery.