Campus Printing and Design Services



The office of Campus Printing and Design Services has a dual function: to manage and produce the University’s major marketing pieces and ensure consistency of message and presentation throughout the materials produced; and to meet the need for print services, as requested, whether these printed pieces are produced in-house or off-campus. We were created to provide cost-saving and time-saving services to Missouri Western.

Payment – Work can be charged back to a department account or paid by cash or check. We are glad to provide estimates to help you make practical decisions concerning your printing and design projects.



How many of my publication should I print?

It’s important to give a lot of thought to quantity. As a general rule, the price per piece decreases with the number of copies you print. Changing the quantity once your project is in production can affect schedule and price. (Once a printer has ordered the paper for your project, for example, you will delay your delivery by increasing the print quantity.) Another important consideration is the shelf life of your piece; if the material is not time-sensitive, you might want to order enough copies to keep on hand after initial distribution.

What about digital photo/image quality?

Photos (or any image created in Photoshop) must be 300 dpi or more. Photos taken off the web are generally not high enough resolution for print. No amount of “magic” will make them look good. If you need photos taken, we can help you schedule a photo shoot, and the costs are charged back to your dept.

What do your production services cover?

We produce more than 400 publications a year on campus and by printers across the St. Joseph/KC area. This volume gives us the purchasing power to provide you (and the University) with cost-effective prices for high-quality print production. Experience has shown that when we do not work directly with the printer, the resulting piece falls short of client expectations.

Does CPDS have to design my publication?

No. But, f you are designing the publication, this does not always mean quicker turnaround time. You are welcome to design your own publications, but if they are not done to our specifications, you may be charged more and it doesn’t  necessarily make production quicker. Your designed piece must be approved by CPDS and/or The Office of Public Relations & Marketing before it is printed.

Do I have to use CPDS to have my publication or promotional item printed?

It depends on what it is. All printing (ink on paper) HAS to come through CPDS, whether we design it or not. Promotional items (t-shirts, mugs, lapel pins, window clings, etc) do not. We offer those services as a time saver for you. Your designed piece must be approved by CPDS and/or The Office of Public Relations & Marketing before it is printed.

Why does Public Relations & Marketing need to be involved in my publication?

To ensure a consistent style is used in University publications, publications have to be approved by The Office of Public Relations & Marketing. We want Missouri Western to be represented accurately, and to incorporate our brand mission with every impact piece.