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B.A.A. Performing & Cinematic Arts

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The Bachelor of Applied Arts in Performing & Cinematic Arts is a production-heavy program that incorporates both traditional film practices and current industry visual effects, providing a complete modern digital cinema degree.
Graduates will complete the program with a thesis-level film and a portfolio that reflects the career they wish to specialize in.


Develop the skills you need to specialize in any film industry discipline. You will build a portfolio that reflects the career you are looking for:

  • Directing
  • Cinematography
  • Editing
  • Screenwriting
  • Producing
  • Audio
  • Visual Effects
  • Compositing
  • Matte Painting
  • Script Supervising
  • Visual Effects Supervising
  • Creative Producing

Hands-on Learning Opportunities

Production Participation: Cinema requires a large number of creative minds to produce a modern film. Students enrolled in this program will enjoy a highly collaborative creative environment. Starting around the second year, students are required to enroll in Production Participation two times. During this course, students will work on upper-level thesis films while learning from peer mentors. When these students reach their upper-level thesis class, they will in turn have a cadre of underclassmen to work on their film, while mentoring them.

Old Saint Jo:  A community-based video production opportunity focused on documenting the rich history of Old Saint Jo through the use of social media. With the help of our community, staff, and interns, students interview, document, and create content for global viewing. Many students participate in this production as their internship which allows them to build portfolio content dedicated to their desired industry interest. For more information, contact Professor Lawrence at tlawrence7@missouriwestern.edu.

Griffon Production House (GPH): This applied learning opportunity provides students with real-world experience in multi-cam productions both on and off-campus. Clients include Missouri Western Music Programs, along with other campus organizations. Students will also work with community organizations as well, such as the St. Joseph Youth Chorale. Students participating in GPH will plan, produce, edit, and master industry quality products that will serve the needs of the client. This provides students with resume building experience, as well as content for their reel, and networking opportunities. Students at all levels of experience are encouraged to participate with GPH. For more information, contact Professor Brecheisen at tbrecheisen@missouriwestern.edu.

Griffon University: Students work with both faculty and the community to create interesting video content on topics of interest to the public.  Productions provide students with industry-relevant content and opportunities.  Intraprofessional collaboration is emphasized as students will coordinate and collaborate with animation, marketing, and journalism students to produce these films.  For more information, contact Professor Brecheisen at tbrecheisen@missouriwestern.edu.

Fauxtoreality:  A real-world post-production and finishing house that serves clients with various visual effects, coloring, and editing needs.  Students who participate with Fauxtoreality work under the mentorship of Professor Brecheisen while creating post assets for professionals and students in the industry.  Past projects include Love Goes Through Your Mind, The Eclipse, Do Not Disturb, and The Haunting at Death Valley Junction. For more information, contact Professor Brecheisen at tbrecheisen@missouriwestern.edu.

Esports Video Productions: Students will have the opportunity to work on video productions that support and highlight the esports program at Missouri Western. These students will coordinate, produce, film, edit, and master content used across the country to showcase esports captains and players, as well as provide tutorial content for aspiring players. Like GPH, this provides students with resume building experience, as well as content for their reel, and networking opportunities. Students at all levels of experience are encouraged to participate. For more information, contact Professor Brecheisen at tbrecheisen@missouriwestern.edu.

Performing and Cinematic Arts (Bachelor of Applied Arts, B.A.A.)

The Theatre, Cinema and Dance program offers unique opportunities for learning, performing, and design. The Bachelor of Applied Arts program in theatre and cinema is one of only a handful in the United States and the only one in the region. We provide students with an outstanding professional training and hands-on experiences that will prepare them for a successful career in the entertainment industry.

This Bachelor of Arts degree offers an outstanding integration of both cinema and theatre. Students decide which field to specialize in – theatre, musical theatre, or cinema – but will gain experience and knowledge in all three.  The Dance Minor provides students with the opportunity to explore and develop their technique in beginning and advanced classes in jazz, tap, modern and ballet.

Each course in this program provides students with the professional training necessary to develop technical, creative and storytelling skills, allows them the opportunity to focus and hone those skills, and provides the environment in which they can discover and explore their own expressive voice.

Our graduates go on to successfully pursue master’s degrees in their respective fields and/or seek careers as actors, designers, editors, directors, cinematographers, audio engineers and more.  Our degree programs give students the edge in today’s competitive job market.

General Studies
Core Requirements
CIN 100Introduction to Film3
THR 140Production Participation4
ENT 201Entrepreneurship I3
THR 281Sophomore Portfolio1
MKT 301Principles of Marketing3
THR 228Acting I3
or CIN 340 Acting for the Camera
THR 361Theatre Internship3
or CIN 361 Cinema Internship
THR 480Senior Portfolio1
Select one of the following concentrations:
Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre

Cinema Concentration

Concentration Requirements
CIN 130Digital Cinema Survey3
ART 190Digital 3D Fundamentals3
CIN 230Digital 2D fundamentals3
CIN 245Production I3
CIN 253Audio Production3
CIN 255Editing3
Two of the following courses6
Greenscreen & Rotoscoping
Matte Painting
CGI Integration
CIN 335Cinematography3
CIN 342Screenwriting3
CIN 345Production II3
CIN 377Producing3
CIN 477Directing3
CIN 430VFX Supervising3
or CIN 495 Thesis
Pick three credit hours from the following Upper Division classes:
Motion Capture
Editing II
Commercial Production
Cinematography II
Advanced Screenwriting
Cinematic Sound and Music
Total Credit Hours45

 Musical Theatre Concentration

Concentration Requirements
MUS 109Functional Voice Class2
DAN 120Dance Performance1
DAN 110Tap Dance I2
or DAN 210 Tap Dance II
DAN 111Jazz Dance I2
or DAN 211 Jazz Dance II
MUS 189Applied Voice: Major Instrument2
THR 221Technical Production 13
THR 222Technical Production 23
THR 275Script Analysis3
MUS 289Applied Voice: Major Instrument2
DAN 312Dance Choreography2
THR 326Techniques of Musical Theatre Performance3
THR 348Directing for the Stage I3
THR 368History of Musical Theatre3
MUS 369Contemporary Vocal Techniques3
Pick eight credit hours from the following Upper Division courses:
Acting II
Acting for the Camera
Stage Management
Stage Makeup
Concert Chorale
Light Opera Workshop
Theatre for Children and Youth
Applied Voice: Major Instrument
Advanced Stage Makeup
Acting III
Directing for the Stage II
Total Credit Hours42

 Theatre Concentration

Concentration Requirements
THR 221Technical Production 13
THR 222Technical Production 23
THR 224Voice and Diction3
THR 275Script Analysis3
THR 331Fundamentals of Design3
THR 367History of Theatre3
Pick eighteen credit hours from the following:
Stage Movement Workshop
Acting II
Acting for the Camera
Directing for the Stage I
Stage Properties
Costume and Makeup Design
Stage Management
Voice Over
Stage Makeup
Theatre for Children and Youth
Advanced Costume Techniques
Period Styles
Theatre History II
Scenic Design
Stage Lighting
Sound Design
Advanced Stage Makeup
Acting III
Directing for the Stage II
Independent Project
Total Credit Hours36

Program Graduation Requirements

  1. Earn an overall GPA of at least 2.75, a major GPA of 3.0 and a minimum 3.0 GPA in Education coursework.

University Graduation Requirements

  1. Have a valid and declared major on file (minors cannot be awarded in the same areas as the major, emphasis or concentration).
  2. Earn a minimum of 3 credit hours beyond the major, emphasis, concentration and/or general studies requirements.
  3. Earn a minor GPA of at least 2.0.

Are you ready to declare this major or minor? Download, sign and submit the form(s) to the School of Fine Arts.

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