Student Success & Academic Advising Center

Academic Probation & Suspension

Students are placed on scholastic probation if the overall grade-point average (GPA) drops below 2.0. Students on probation may need university approval for their semester course schedule. Students are placed on scholastic suspension if their overall GPA drops below the suspension GPA in the Table of Academic Standards which corresponds to the overall GPA hours, subject to the provisions listed below. To be placed on scholastic suspension a student:

  • Must have been on scholastic probation or suspension during the previous semester (including Summer); and
  • Must have a term GPA lower than 2.0.

Transfer students will be evaluated based on MWSU’s Academic Standards. If found to be on suspension, the student will be subject to MWSU policies as if the suspension had been earned at Missouri Western.

Table of Academic Standards
Overall GPA Hours* Probation if Overall GPA is less than Suspension if Overall GPA is less than
0-18 2.0 NA
19-30 2.0 1.500
31-45 2.0 1.600
46-60 2.0 1.700
61-75 2.0 1.800
76-90 2.0 1.900
91+ 2.0 2.000

*Grades assigned as I, W, AU, CR or U are not included in GPA hours.

Appealing an Academic Suspension

Students who believe that the causes of their suspension merit special consideration may submit a letter of appeal challenging their suspension. The deadline date for appeals is stated in the official notice of suspension that is sent to the current mailing address reported by the student. Appeals received after the deadline stated in the notice of suspension will not be considered. The Academic Regulations and Standards Committee will review all appeals. The Committee may reinstate a student based on documented circumstances beyond the student’s control. It is the student’s responsibility to provide documentation and a brief narrative clarifying how the circumstances that caused poor performance have been addressed.

Students who are suspended because their GPA is adversely affected by grades over ten years old may also petition for reinstatement immediately following notice of suspension. It is the student’s responsibility to submit a letter of appeal in which his or her GPA, recalculated to include only grades earned within the last ten years, is clearly stated. The ten years are to be calculated from the semester in which the student’s current suspension occurs. The Committee will review each suspension of this type on a case by case basis, considering all factors, and may reinstate students if the evidence warrants it.

If reinstatement is granted for any circumstances, the student remains on academic probation. Furthermore, the suspension under appeal will remain on the student’s record as a suspension and will be counted as such.