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Accounting and Budget Control Staff

Carey McMillian Carey McMillian, Associate Vice President for Financial Planning & Administration, 816-271-4527
Letha Nold Letha Nold, Chief Accountant/Director of Purchasing, 816-271-4582
Kathy Joe Kathy Gammon,  Accountant, 816-271-4585
Sherri Hartley Sherri Hartley, Fixed Assets/Grant  Accountant,  816-271-5917
Jeanette Lorimor Jeanette Lorimor, Accounts Payable, 816-271-4584
Louise Mills
Louise Mills, Athletics Accountant, 816-271-5903
Hawley Rumpf Hawley Rumpf, Procurement Card/Employee  Reimbursement,   816-271-5800