We're United in Caring

Because You Gave…

  • 4,694 students participated in out-of-school activities and programs.
  • More than 330 children received early care and education to help them begin their school years ready to learn.
  • 5,074 adults and children received needed mental health services and substance use disorder treatment.
  • 153 adults with developmental disabilities found meaningful work through sheltered and supported employment.
  • Nearly 600 survivors of domestic or sexual violence were provided legal assistance and advocacy.
  • 113 children with a disability or special needs received services that helped them work toward important developmental milestones.
  • More than 100 pregnant and parenting teens and adults were engaged in programs and services to help them and their young children with supports and stability.
  • More than 5,000 individual and senior citizens in need of assistance received food.
  • 320 youth were impacted by a positive adult mentor.
  • More than 350 children received early care & education to help them begin their school years ready to  learn. 
  • Nearly 400 students participated in after-school youth activities & programs. 
  • More than 1,000 students learned about local employers & the education required to work in particular jobs. 
  • 224 early educators & child care professionals participated in trainings to further their education &  provide quality care 
  • 4,024 adults & children received needed mental health services. 
  • 619 senior adults received nutritious meals to help them maintain health. 
  • More than 350 survivors of domestic violence were provided legal assistance & advocacy. 135 pregnant/ parenting teens & adults were engaged in supportive programs to help them & their  children thrive. 
  • 541 men, women & children received emergency shelter. 
  • 150 adults with disabilities held jobs through sheltered & supported employment. 7,682 food orders were provided to families in need of assistance. 


Last year, all of this and so much more was possible through United Way agencies, because you gave.

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