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Theatre Audition Form

Theatre Audition Form2018-03-28T21:49:55+00:00
Please fill out this form as completely as you can. Please double-check the validity of your email and phone numbers! The information used on this form will be used to create our production contact sheet. Likewise, the information on this sheet will be used for the creation of the production conflict calendar.
  • Name & Contact Info

  • Appearance

  • In "E2-A4" format. Mark "N/A" if non-musical audition.
  • Please type "N/A" if you have no allergies or if they are not known.
  • Audition Information

  • If applicable, you may select more than one option.
  • Limit 250 words. This bio may be used for various publicity purposes (programs, lobby displays, etc.)
  • Rehearsal Schedule

  • Please note that departmental policy limits weekly rehearsal hours to 20 hours per week up until tech rehearsals. Not all of the times listed below will be scheduled during a regular rehearsal period. Please mark ALL of the times below when you are likely to be *regularly* unavailable during a typical rehearsal week. Acceptable regular conflicts include classes and work or any out-of-town travel that is already arranged as of the time you fill out this form. Note: The expectation is that you are expected to give priority to rehearsals during tech rehearsals and performances. Adding additional conflicts after the cast list has been posted and/or rehearsals have begun may result in recasting. Rehearsals will usually be held M-F 6-10 PM.
  • Additional Support