Saint Etienne, France

Arts, Literature and Languages and its department LLCER and LEA

When you participate in the exchange program with the Université Jean Monnet Arts, Literature and Languages (ALL) you will pay tuition and fees to Missouri Western. In exchange, you will be enrolled in the equivalent of a full course load at the Université Jean Monnet.

Students going on this exchange should have done the equivalent of two full time academic years and will remain enrolled at Missouri Western during his/her exchange period. You will continue toward your degree at Missouri Western and credits toward your degree will be issued by Missouri Western. (You will not be enrolled as a candidate for a degree issued by the Université Jean Monnet.)

You will be responsible for paying the cost of housing and food during your stay at the Université Jean Monnet. The Université Jean Monnet will help you find accommodation.

You will also be responsible for all indirect costs associated with the exchange such as travel, books, insurance and incidental fees.

You will be subject to the same rules and regulations as the The Université Jean Monnet’s local students.

Télécom Exchange Program

Missouri Western offers a semester-long exchange program for students in computer science, mathematics and engineering technology.

Télécom Saint-Etienne, part of Université Jean Monnet, offers undergraduate and master’s degrees in engineering, information technology and communication.

The university is located in Saint-Etienne, France and has an enrollment of 15,000 students.

Télécom Saint-Etienne has its focus on:

  1. smart media – multimedia technology for information design
  2. smart health – hardware and software technology for health care
  3. smart energy – electronic and optical applications for energy and telecommunications

Missouri Western students on the exchange may take core courses in electrical engineering, computer science and mathematics, including:

  • digital signals and systems
  • object-oriented programming and Unix
  • database management
  • signal optimization
  • programming languages
  • imaging (optics, networking, telecommunications)
  • engineering and business
  • internship

Dates and Deadlines


Students who wish to study French during the summer may enroll in courses offered by CILEC ( at the Université Jean Monnet in St. Etienne, France. Students must make arrangements with French faculty in the English & Modern Languages Department in order to obtain university credit.


Fall semester begins mid-September and ends mid-January. Deadline for applying is April 1.


Spring semester begins mid-February and ends mid-June. Deadline for applying is October 1.

Students must have junior standing and a 3.0 GPA. You will need to complete the equivalent of two years of university French prior to studying at Télécom Saint-Etienne. All courses are in French. A complimentary, three-week intensive language program will be provided by Université Jean Monnet before the semester begins.

Cost of Exchange Program

Tuition for 12-15 credit hours (includes tuition and fees at Télécom Saint Etienne, three-week intensive French course, and orientation to Saint Etienne): $3,056.00 in-state, $5,852.00 out-of-state

Housing in residence halls, including meals: ~$600.00/month OR lodging with host family and two meals daily: ~$800.00/month

Additional cost estimates: airfare: $1,200.00; local transportation: $30.00/month; passport: $110.00; visa: $83.00; campus France fees: $100.00; books and materials for class: $200.00

When you enroll in the exchange program with Télécom Saint-Etienne, you will pay tuition and fees to Missouri Western. In exchange, you will be enrolled in the equivalent of 12-15 credit hours of course work at Télécom Saint-Etienne. All other costs of attending Télécom Saint-Etienne, including housing and meals, are your responsibility. Scholarships are available. Once accepted into the program, you will receive assistance in locating housing.

Why do it?

  • Earn credit toward your degree while gaining a new perspective on the field.
  • Take the opportunity to complete an internship while in Saint-Etienne.
  • Develop fluency in French, creating opportunities to work internationally.

Why French?

France is one of the strongest economic forces in Europe, with a highly trained workforce. Since the two official languages of the European Community are English and French, and France is well known for their technological industries, preparing yourself to work in French-speaking countries is a logical step. With the large presence of French companies in the United States and American companies throughout the French-speaking world, there is a clear demand for American professionals with French language skills.

For information about the Télécom Saint-Etienne exchange program, visit this website: