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Can I bring beverages or food to the facilities?2018-11-16T22:02:47-06:00

Food, tobacco, glass bottles and cans are not allowed in the Recreation Services facilities. Water in a plastic container is the only beverage allowed in the facilities.

What happens if I forget or lose my ID?2018-11-16T22:02:21-06:00

A valid ID must be presented to use the Recreation Services facilities. If you do not have an ID, you will not be permitted to use the facilities.

If the campus is closed for inclement weather, will Recreation Services be closed as well?2018-11-16T22:01:54-06:00

Recreation Services (Looney Complex Fieldhouse and Baker Family Fitness Center ) will be closed if the campus closes for inclement weather.

How do I know if there has been a change in your operating hours?2018-11-16T22:01:28-06:00

All changes in the schedules will be posted. At Looney Complex we will post the schedule changes at the Recreation Services Center (roll-up window located on the first floor by the main entrance of the building). At the Baker Family Fitness Center we will post schedule changes at the front desk.

What are your hours?2021-12-02T16:27:39-06:00

Click here for our operating hours.

What certifications are required for your staff?2018-11-16T22:00:04-06:00

All Recreation Services Staff are trained in American Red Cross CPR. The Baker Family Center Staff are trained in American Red Cross CPR as well as the AED. All Lifeguards must have Lifeguard Training, CPR and First Aid prior to being hired.