Jul 27, 2019

Matt WilsonMissouri Western State University is a special place where students can learn, grow and acquire the tools necessary to succeed. As its new leader, now is a perfect time to talk about the university’s impact and the value of a four-year college degree.

Personally, I was drawn to Missouri Western because of its unwavering commitment to student success, accessibility, affordability, quality teaching and hands-on training opportunities, all of which contribute to workforce development. Working together, we can build upon our solid foundation to reach new heights and capitalize on endless possibilities.

The facts are indisputable. College pays off. Acquiring a bachelor’s degree leads to a healthier, more engaged and employable citizen. A typical four-year college graduate earns nearly $1 million more than a high school graduate over a career. That graduate is less likely to be unemployed, more likely to vote and volunteer in the community, and lives seven years longer on average. Of course, there are those for whom college is not the right path. There will always be exceptions to the rule, or professions that don’t require a college degree. However, these exceptions are becoming fewer and fewer as our economy becomes ever more complex and knowledge-based. With advances in technology and shifts in our global economy, workforce needs will evolve and careers will transform. A degree at Missouri Western can help community members prepare for these changes as they acquire important knowledge and vital skills involving research, writing, critical analysis, communication, entrepreneurship and leadership.

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