biology professor and students examine birds

Jul 11, 2019 Updated Jul 11, 2019

Across 750 acres of campus, a few students at Missouri Western spend some of their summer mornings visiting more than 60 bird-nesting boxes in order to gather data and further their research.

It’s all part of Dr. Julie Jedlicka’s ornithology research study, which has her and her students examining various avians and their young to create a more bird-friendly campus. Along with duck and owl boxes — which were actively used for the first time this year — purple martin boxes also are featured on campus, complete with predator guards and sometimes pulley systems to keep them higher off the ground.

“I use this as active learning with my students in ornithology in the spring … and I carry that on into summer research with students so that they’re able to collect data, analyze it and understand how we can make bird-friendly society and merge conservation with human landscapes right here in St. Joe,” Jedlicka said.

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