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Jun 06, 2017

Omar’s Peace Corps Kitchen


Chris, the Acting Law Clinic Director, recommended this local restaurant to me. It's behind the billboards (picture on right), just back from "the traffic light" corner. The "traffic light" is the first traffic light that was installed in The Gambia. There are not a lot of other traffic lights here. At Omar's, you get a [...]

Omar’s Peace Corps Kitchen2019-06-05T10:45:51-05:00
May 05, 2017

Garden in The Gambia


This is Backary's community garden. His family shares this space with several neighbors. I recognized the tomatoes. There were greens too. Herbs had been planted for use during Ramadan. They will use what they need and sell the rest to others who do not have a garden. They have to have a well. This is [...]

Garden in The Gambia2018-05-01T14:14:35-05:00
May 05, 2017

Sunday Dinner in a Gambian Home


Backary's wife and her sister cooked a delicious dinner for us all. Fried rice, fish, shrimp and vegetables. Mangoes for dessert. It's the best meal I have had in The Gambia so far. And the most enjoyable. It felt good to spend time with a family, especially since it was Mother's Day back home.

Sunday Dinner in a Gambian Home2018-05-01T14:15:02-05:00
May 05, 2017

Life in The Gambia


Backary invited us into his home for Sunday dinner. It was a great opportunity to meet his family and see how they live. He is building the home as time and money permit. It is in a new housing tract near the airport. Here he is with two of his children, sister, wife and her sister. [...]

Life in The Gambia2018-05-01T14:15:34-05:00
May 05, 2017

The Gambia Hospitality


The Beauty of The Gambia This is Backary. He drives me to and from work every day. He is friendly to everyone, loves his family and country and is a devout Muslim. Backary wanted to show me a piece of his country. So he picked me up Sunday to take me around a bit [...]

The Gambia Hospitality2018-05-01T14:22:24-05:00
May 05, 2017

My wall


I learned that a tall, impenetrable wall is not always a good thing. You can compare my wall here to the one in the picture below. My wall is not as high or imposing as some of the barbed wire walls in my neighborhood. But when my lock froze on the gate. Even I could [...]

My wall2018-05-01T14:26:36-05:00
May 05, 2017

The neighborhood


I live in a quiet neighborhood. These guys keep the grass along the street trimmed free of charge. Some neighbors have more security than others. Fortunately for me the other day, my wall is less secure than this.

The neighborhood2018-05-01T14:27:03-05:00
May 05, 2017

Home Away


After over 24 hours of driving, flying and sleeping in airports I landed in The Gambia on May 3. The customs agent inspected my "suspicious" luggage (mostly books), asked for my tennis shoes (which I kept) and offered his competent assistant to accompany me when he learned I was here alone (which I declined). Fortunately, the [...]

Home Away2018-05-01T14:27:32-05:00